The Blakely Family, Vienna, VA


You may be wondering if this is for the “Blakely Family” where does “Ketona” fit in?

My name is Larry Ketona Blakely. Ketona was given to me from my mother's family. Family legacy says that as a young girl my grandmother had read a book about an Native American boy named Ketona. After years of off and on research I was able to find a librarian interested in helping me determine the origin of the name. We were not able to locate a book but we did locate a story first published in the Harvard Monthly in 1899. The story is titled "In the Name of His Ancestor" and written by William Jones. How my grandmother, who was born in 1911 in rural northern Alabama, would ever find and read such an article is anybody’s guess. But I choose to accept the possibility that she did and the name I carry is from this story.

Google Books has the original text scanned here:

For protection I have a full copy of the text here:

Elsewhere on this site you will find information about our growing family. Since starting this site many years ago the Internet has changed and most of the family maintains their own presence via blogs and social media sites. Rather than duplicate content their pages here will provide a connection to the online identities they maintain.


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Photos through the years, from left to right:

The extended family - grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins Christmas ’10, the boys at Josh & Lydsie’s wedding, Barbara & Larry (were we ever that young?), Josh & Lyndsie